Billy Smolinski

The Smolinski Trial


Janice and Bill Smolinski inside New Haven Superior Court.


                          Column by John Murray



   That’s how you spell backwards, backward.

   And that might be the best way to describe the civil trial of Madeline Gleason versus Janice Smolinski and Paula Bell taking place in New Haven Superior Court. It is so backwards, it is insane.

   Here’s the background.....

Shattered - The Seven Year Search For Billy Smolinski Jr.

When serious leads aren't followed up by law enforcement, Bill and Jan Smolinski scour the woods for the remains of their missing son Billy, who was murdered in August 2004.

Story and Photographs By John Murray

   Picture the murder of Billy Smolinski as a crystal vase. Hold it in your hands. Spin it around. Now drop it on the kitchen floor and watch it shatter into a thousand pieces. Each shard of glass represents a clue into who killed Billy on August 24th, 2004. When patched together the vase reveals the gruesome truth of who murdered Billy, and why. The vase points to the spot Billy is buried in the Naugatuck Valley.

Billy Smolinski Was Murdered Six Years Ago. Where Is His Body?


The Search

Column By John Murray

Billy Smolinski was murdered six years ago. The effort to crack the case involves local, state and federal police. The Smolinski Family is now working closely with private investigator Todd Lovejoy, pictured above, tracking down leads.


   Six years is a long time to hold your breath.