President & CEO Stephen Lewis and AVP, Community Outreach Officer, Cheryl Lindstrom presented a check for $2,500 to Cara Johnson, the President of the Rotary Club of Thomaston, for their Fuel and Crisis Fund. The Fuel and Crisis Fund responds to emergent needs of Thomaston residents.

 The Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation awarded $25,000 in fuel assistance grants throughout the community. These grants provide assistance to those unable to afford essential utilities throughout the year and especially in the winter months.

“Our Foundation understands the vital service these fuel grants supply. No one should have to go without heat, especially in the upcoming winter months. Our local fuel banks play an integral role in keeping those in our community warm and we are very proud to support their efforts.” –Stephen Lewis, President & CEO, Thomaston Savings Bank; Member, Rotary Club of Thomaston

The funds granted to the 10 selected organizations, including the Rotary Club of Thomaston, will assist those in their communities during times of hardship.

The Rotary Club of Thomaston utilizes the grant for their Fuel and Crisis Fund. This fund directly responds to emergent needs of Thomaston residents, providing assistance with energy and water costs. Additionally, they have recently expanded their program to support more immediate needs including food services and car repair.

“We work in partnership with the Thomaston Social Services Department to provide for the local community through our Fuel and Crisis Fund. The fund was created by the Rotary Club to support those who need assistance with utilities during challenging times. This past year has been especially hard, with oil and gas prices rising, it is critical that we come together to provide support to those who need it.” – George Seabourne, Former President & Current Director, Rotary Club of Thomaston

The fund focuses on their mission of neighbors helping neighbors. With colder months approaching, it is important now, more than ever, to ensure that the community has proper access to fuel. As temperatures drop, homes require more heat and electricity to stay warm. Local fuel banks work towards providing equitable access to energy and utilities throughout the community.

Fuel Grant Recipients:

·Caring for Bethlehem

·HRA New Britain

·Farmington Community Chest

·Bronc Callahan

·Town of Middlebury Social Services

·Rotary Club of Terryville

·Rotary Club of Thomaston

·Salvation Army of Waterbury

·Town of Watertown Social Services

·Town of Wolcott Fuel Bank

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