Father Ronald Ferraro waved to the procession honoring his 60 years in the priesthood.

Father Ronald Ferraro was honored today by the City of Waterbury on the 60th anniversary of his ordination as a Catholic priest. Father Ferraro was the priest at Our Lady of Lourdes Church on South Main Street in Waterbury, and is still the chaplin for both the Waterbury Police Department and the Waterbury Fire Department. Father Ferraro is currently a resident at the Village at East Farms in Waterbury.

A procession of police motorcycles, mounted horses, fire trucks, ambulances, Unico Club members and Mayor Neil O’Leary paraded underneath Father Ferraro as he stood on a balcony overlooking the main entrance to the Village at East Farms.

Short speeches by Father Diego Jimenez, Mayor O’Leary, Police Chief Fred Spagnolo and Fire Chief Terrance Ballou rounded out the ceremony.

Congratulations Father Ronald Ferraro, sixty years in the priesthood is a tremendous milestone.

The procession and ceremony included police motorcycles, police horses, Mayor O’Leary, Unico Club members, EMTs, firemen, police officers, bagpipes and friends of Father Ferraro.

Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary has a long personal friendship with Father Ferraro and was delighted to honor his old friend.

Half a dozen members of the police and fire color guard were at Village at East Farms to salute Father Ronald Ferraro.

Waterbury Police Chief Fred Spagnolo is a member of Our Lady of Lourdes Church and has sought guidance from Father Ferraro for decades.

Friends, and members of the Unico Club participated in the procession.

Father Ferraro was seated during the beginning of the procession, but the music and enthusiasm brought him to his feet, and he began waving to the participants.

Waterbury Fire Chief Terrance Ballou thanked Father Ferraro for his dedication to the fire department.

Being a priest for sixty years is an extraordinary accomplishment, and Father Ronald Ferraro enjoyed the respect and love displayed today by the City of Waterbury.