Surprisingly, the US is the only industrialized country that does not provide postpartum healthcare coverage. For mothers that have just given birth during a pandemic, that is especially alarming. 

According to the CDC, although 15% of mothers experience postpartum mood disorders, the American insurance system does not include postpartum coverage. This is what led Mandy Major, Connecticut-based mom and certified doula, to launch That’s Major!, the new virtual doula agency that is changing how mothers receive postpartum care.

That’s Major! is the only service that uniquely matches mothers with a dedicated doula who will provide daily, individualized support. For the cost of a latte a day, mothers can text questions, consult with specialists and receive treatment for perinatal anxiety/depression—all without leaving the couch. That’s Major! aims to be the solution by providing affordable, non-discriminatory, virtual postpartum care.

Interview opportunities with Mandy Major, Founder and Certified Postpartum Doula PCD (DONA) are currently available upon request.