Freshmen legislator Representative Ron Napoli (D-Waterbury) co-sponsored legislation was passed by the Joint Committee on Labor and Public Employees Committee. H.B. 6508, An Act Concerning Investment in the Construction Job Workforce for Low-Income Residents, will be voted by the House this session.

The bill aims to create a construction job career path for low-income residents and ensure successful employment through state hiring requirements in state construction contracts.

Connecticut invests millions of dollars in construction, but high unemployment remains a serious problem. In addition, Waterbury residents have worked on school construction, public works projects, road paving projects, and installation of energy efficient lighting in municipal buildings. It is crucial to pass legislation that will give residents increased access to good-paying jobs.

“I heard Waterbury residents heightened concerns on the state economy unemployment and limited access to good-paying jobs,” added Rep. Napoli. “I worked tirelessly from the day I was sworn in to advocate for a bill that will help residents find meaningful long-term employment.”

The Waterbury Good Jobs Ordinance reports that 2,837 attended orientation sessions out of which 803 completed training and 695 were hired reflecting an 86% placement rate overall.

Rep. Napoli said, “I would like to thank Chair Robyn Porter, Vice Chair Joshua Hall, Sen. Julie Kushner, and Ranking Member Joe Polletta of the Labor Committee for their support on this bill. I am excited for the bill to be introduced in the House this session and work with colleagues to make this important legislation a reality for Waterbury and our state.”