Sworn In As 89th Governor of Connecticut

Governor Ned Lamont shared a moment with his wife, Annie Lamont, as they marched past the State Capitol following his inauguration inside the State Armory. Photograph by John Murray

State Representative Ron Naploi Jr., right, was sworn into his first term in office, while State Representative Larry Butler, foreground, is entering his 7th term. Both men represent districts in Waterbury. Photograph by John Murray

State Senators were sworn in at the same time as State Representatives. Photograph by Michael Kaneb

State Representative Matt Ritter of Hartford is the majority leader in the House, and often talked about as a future Speaker of the House of Representatives, a position his father, Thomas Ritter held many years ago. Photograph by John Murray

State Representative Geraldo Reyes Jr. of Waterbury hosted his granddaughter Veda on the floor of the House of Representatives during yesterday’s swearing-in ceremony. Photograph by John Murray

State Representative Stephanie Cummings represents the East End of Waterbury and is entering her 2nd term. Photograph by Chelsea Murray Kaneb

State Representative Joe Aresimowicz of Berlin was re-elected Speaker of the House of Representatives. Photograph by John Murray

Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary enjoyed a hearty laugh as he made his way through the State Armory to witness Lamont’s inauguration. Photograph by John Murray

Ned Lamont entered the State Armory to thunderous applause. Photograph by John Murray

West Hartford resident Javier Colon performed a stunning version of the National Anthem to open the proceedings. Colon was the winner in the very first season of “The Voice” singing competition on NBC and won $100,000 and a recording contract. Photograph by Chelsea Murray Kaneb

State Representative Themis Klarides is the Republican Minority Leader in the House of Representatives. She represents Derby, Orange and Woodbridge and is entering her 11th term in the legislature, and briefly considered running for Governor herself  last Spring. Photograph by John Murray

Lamont said in his State of the Union address, “We cannot afford to let the next four years be defined by a fiscal crisis. The fate of our great state is on a knife’s edge. If we choose inaction and more of the same – we fail. But if we choose creative and bold leadership, a commitment to make the hard and difficult choices necessary to right the wrongs of the past – we will succeed. Let’s fix this damn budget, once and for all.”

State Comptroller Kevin Lembo, left, is the statewide elected official responsible for reporting on state finances, administering health care plans for public employees and paying the state’s bills. He first took office on January 5, 2011. Lembo is the first openly gay individual to be elected to statewide office in Connecticut. Photograph by John Murray

Lamont said he will take the lead by investing in the first all-digital government, and reverse engineer every transaction from the taxpayer’s shoes. The entry point to Connecticut will be through its digital front door, he said, a one-stop-shop for everything current and prospective citizens need from their government. “We will be online,” Lamont said, “not in line. It won’t be done overnight, but let’s start today.” Photograph by Chelsea Murray Kaneb

Lamont listened to a prayer and later unveiled his vision for 21st century transportation system in Connecticut. “When the Merritt Parkway opened in 1940, it wasn’t uncommon for people to pull over and picnic on the side of the road. Those of us who spend a good deal of time down in Fairfield County have contemplated the same idea today because we’re so darn frustrated by bumper-to-bumper traffic. Gridlock causes headaches and costs us jobs. So what can we do? 30/30/30 – I want the following to be a reality: 30 minutes from Hartford to New Haven; 30 minutes from New Haven to Stamford; and 30 minutes from Stamford to Manhattan with spurs to New London and Waterbury. This isn’t a pipe dream, this is a necessity: a modern infrastructure by rail, road, air and water – to unlock the full economic potential of our beautiful state.”

Governor Lamont knows he has a difficult road ahead, “In six weeks, I will present to you a budget which is in balance not just for a year, but for the foreseeable future; so that mayors and first selectmen, business and labor leaders, teachers and police officers know what to expect. And we will deliver on what we say – on time and on budget. However, I want to be clear – no more funny math or budgetary gamesmanship. I come from the world of small business where the numbers have to add up at the end of the month or the lights go out. Don’t tell me some consultant says there are $1 billion in easy spending cuts; show me the money or I will show you the door.”

Annie Lamont is now the First Lady of Connecticut and she is a stunningly successful businesswoman. Lamont graduated from Stanford, became a venture capitalist, and has a estimated net worth between $100 and $300 million. Photograph by Michael Kaneb

Lamont waves to the crowd inside the State Armory after becoming the 89th Governor of Connecticut. Photograph by John Murray

A member of the Governor’s Foot Guard waits for the Inaugural Parade to begin. Photograph by John Murray

Former Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell was on hand to witness Lamont’s Inauguration. Rell served as Governor from 2004 to 2011. Photograph by John Murray

Governor Lamont was demonstrably happy as he marched along a parade route through Hartford and waved to supporters and friends who lined the streets to cheer him on. Photograph by John Murray

Governor Lamont is already reaching across the aisle to seek solutions to Connecticut’s financial crisis. He ended his State of the State address with this, “As they say in Hamilton, history has its eyes on you, on all of us. Let’s do this. Together.” Photograph by John Murray