Democrat Candidate Tours Waterbury In 1957 Convertible

Before climbing into the 1957 Chevy convertible, Lamont visited Waterbury City Hall to pay his respects to Sam Beamon, whose body was lying in state in Veterans Hall. Pictured here the motorcade cruised past the Anamet Building in the South End of Waterbury.

Story and Photographs By John Murray

   Ned Lamont took a grand tour of Waterbury on Sunday afternoon as he cruised through the streets in a black 1957 Chevy Convertible waving to residents while clutching a small American flag. Lamont is Connecticut’s Democrat Party candidate for Governor and he was invited to lead a motorcade through the city by State Representative Geraldo Reyes Jr.


   Reyes recruited the sleek convertible from his friend, Ken Stanco, who chauffeured the men through Downtown, the South End, Town Plot, Bunker Hill, along Huntingdon Ave, Chase Ave and through the North End of the city. Reyes utilized the unique opportunity to tout O’Leary Administration projects, pitch new ideas, share Waterbury history, and to promote the city and her residents.

   Media outlets are reporting the Governor’s race to be a dead heat between Lamont and Republican candidate Bob Stefanowski, who was in the East End of Waterbury Saturday night. We’re not sure who’ll be Connecticut’s next governor, but both major party candidates have shown a keen interest in Waterbury, and that’s excellent for the city. Whomever you support this election, we encourage you to participate in democracy Tuesday, November 6th. It’s your civic duty.

Ned Lamont and Geraldo Reyes enjoyed a blast of fresh air on a beautiful afternoon in New England as they cruised along the streets of Waterbury.

Ken Stanco is an aide to Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary and a classic car collector. Stanco lives in the South End of the city and is good friends with State Representative Geraldo Reyes Jr..

Driving along Highland Avenue the candidates discussed the excellent Italian cuisine offered at D’Amelio’s Restaurant and La Tavola. Lamont said he looked forward to coming back and eating.

Reyes, an expressive man, used the 45 minute motorcade to champion the city, and explain major projects currently underway that would continue to need support from state government.

Lamont appeared to enjoy his sweep around Waterbury.

Lamont and Reyes engaged surprised and delighted motorists along Chase Avenue.

Sunday was a delightful Autumn day in New England, and although he was chilled by the end of his tour, Lamont repeatedly said how much fun the motorcade was, and it provided him new insights into Waterbury.

Lamont was interested in old factories and what they were being used for. This factory on North Main Street is owned by a church that hopes to eventually secure funding to create housing.

At the end of the motorcade both men were chilled and smiling.