From left to right: Jessica, Haley and Ashley Romaniello.

Talk about family transitions……..

The Romaniello triplets from Waterbury moved into their dorms yesterday afternoon at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, N.Y.

After attending the same private school through eighth grade, the young women each selected a different high school – and all of them were in the top 10 of their respective classes. On Sunday, their parents, Glorie and Todd, helped to move them into their shared room in the Mount’s Sakac Hall.

Ashley and Haley selected Mount Saint Mary College for its nursing program, which is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

“I always loved helping people, I’ve always been hands-on, and I know that nurses do a lot with their education,” said Haley. “It’s a great match for me.”

Ashley, who was the valedictorian of Wilby High School, had received a full scholarship to another college. However, she turned it down, she explained, in favor of the Mount’s small class sizes and tight knit, family atmosphere.

“I like the environment, the community, and the opportunities I could get here for nursing,” she explained. “And I really like the supportive connections I’ve been making.”

The third triplet, Jessica, is an English major on the Adolescence Education track.

“It might sound a little cheesy, but teachers really do change the world,” said Jessica. “I was planning on going to another college, but when I came with Haley to [the Mount’s] Accepted Students Day, I fell in love with the campus and how nice the people here are. The class sizes are nice too – I’d much rather be at the Mount than in a lecture hall with so many other students.”

Though all born within the span of less than an hour, only two of the triplets share a birthday. Ashley, the oldest, and Haley were both Valentine’s Day babies. But thanks to a delay of only a minute or two, Jessica celebrates her birthday on February 15. Their little brother, Alex, is eight years old.

Best wishes to Jessica, Ashley and Haley, and special thoughts go out to their parents, Glorie and Todd, for a job well done.