Story By John Murray

Yesterday afternoon The Waterbury Observer published a story stating that former Webster Bank CEO, JIm Smith, would announce next week that we was launching a campaign for governor of Connecticut. Three sources with intimate knowledge of Smith’s plans had provided details to The Waterbury Observer earlier in the week. The Observer had no intention of airing out the story until Smith made a formal announcement, but we were contacted yesterday afternoon by sources in Hartford informing us that the CTCapitolReport website had already broken the news across the state. The news of a Smith campaign was flowing through the state capitol and the Observer decided to share the news we had developed with our readers

This afternoon The Waterbury Observer received the following statement from Jim Smith..

“In response to recent speculation regarding my interest in seeking the Republican nomination for Governor, I offer this statement: I have a keen interest in public service which has been further stimulated by my recent role as co-chairman of the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth.  My work with the Commission reinforced for me the depth and breadth of challenges Connecticut faces, and we developed recommendations to achieve balanced budgets and sustainable growth.

I believe to my core that I would bring to the Governor’s office the experience, leadership skills and commitment needed to work with the legislature to bring about the changes needed to put our state government and economy back on solid footing, and ensure a prosperous future for everyone who calls our wonderful state home.

 Recognizing that time is short, I’ve been rapidly completing a serious analysis of what it would take to win the nomination and the ensuing election – from building a first-rate campaign team, to raising a considerable amount of funding, to meeting the criteria to secure the Republican nomination.

 I have also been consulting with family and friends and will reach a decision soon.  Whatever path we choose, my wife Cathy and I are steadfastly committed to contribute to the betterment of the state we love.

Regards – Jim”

So, is Jim Smith running? Our sources still say that he is, but The Waterbury Observer will now sit back like the rest of Connecticut and give Jim Smith the oxygen he needs to make a final decision.