In early February, employees from O&G Industries, Inc. taught a safety class for 11 volunteers from the Railroad Museum of New England (RMNE) at the Thomaston Train Station on Saturday morning.

   Michael Ferry, Safety Director and Tom Alexson, an equipment operator taught the class.  Seth Duke, Corporate Marketing & Communications Manager, arranged the program after speaking with the equipment mechanic at the museum.

   According to Steve Casey, President of the RMNE, “O&G has generously contributed to the Railroad Museum of New England in Thomaston, CT.  Most recently, they initiated a safety program for our volunteers to educate us to the inherent danger in using heavy equipment.  Clear communication is key.  By being aware of blind spots, centers of gravity, and the condition of the equipment, we can avoid unnecessary risks, protecting both people and property.  O&G has truly transformed our motto “Safety First” from an aspiration to a reality.  We greatly appreciate this help from the management and employees of O&G.”

   One of the volunteers at the class, Bob Ashley, stated, “I thought the safety class was very informative. As a police officer I’ve gone on construction sites within my patrol jurisdiction to take various reports over the years not really thinking much about the equipment operators or what they are doing. I usually walk up to someone and ask where the boss or the complainant is located not really thinking about what could happen in certain situations involving the equipment or operator blind spots where they may not see me. Also the hand signals that they showed us and what to look for on equipment for safety reasons was good to know when I’m on a site.”

   The RMNE, located at the historic Thomaston Train Station, is a not-for-profit, all volunteer, educational and historical organization that dates back to January 1968. The mission of the RMNE is to tell the story of the region’s rich railroad heritage through our educational exhibits and operation of the Naugatuck Railroad.  The museum concept is more than just artifacts, it’s also a story of the region and the development of society around the railroad.

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