Dan Lynch

   Dan Lynch is an energetic, high-tech lover of history and genealogy and is plunging into a special election for the 32nd Senatorial District in Connecticut as an unaffiliated petitioning candidate.

   At first glance Lynch seems an unlikely person to throw his hat into the political ring, but during the past eight years he has testified numerous times in Hartford about court corruption, attorney misconduct and judicial retaliation he said he experienced during his divorce.

   “The courts are in the business to make business for themselves,” Lynch said. “And when the system is challenged they band together and double down to protect the system.”

   During his repeated visits to legislative hearings Lynch watched in disappointment as elected officials towed party lines and were too often scared to speak out about injustice.

   “I wish more of our elected officials had a stronger backbone,” Lynch said. “I am willing to take on tough issues.”

   Lynch filed his paperwork with the Secretary of State’s Office just before noon today, and has until late Monday afternoon to secure 502 signatures to petition his way onto the ballot.

   Lynch is not accepting any donations and is committed to spending the next five weeks talking to the voters in the 32nd District. “I know this district and will spend my time talking about the issues and see if my message resonates.”

   Part of Lynch’s platform includes advocating for…
• Responsible allocation and use of tax receipts by our elected officials;

• Enhancing job opportunities and our overall business climate;

• Improved educational throughout all age/grade levels;

• Reversing the alarming trend of illegal drug use and dependence;

• Protecting and helping those with mental illness or other disabilities;

• Preserving open space and the character that defines our beautiful region;

• Eliminating corruption and breach of the public trust

   The 32nd Senate seat was vacated by Rob Kane (R) minutes before he was to take the oath for a 5th term on January 4th. Kane resigned to accept a high-paying job as an independent auditor for the legislature.

   Governor Dan Malloy has called for a special election to be held on February 28th to fill the vacant seat. The candidates expected to be on the ballot are Democrat Greg Cava who lost by a 2-1 margin to Kane in November, and Eric Berthel, the Republican State Representative in the 68th District.

   The outcome of two special elections on February 28th might have a huge impact on the balance of power in the State Senate. If Republicans lose the seat to either Greg Cava or Dan Lynch, or the Democrats lose control of the 2nd District Senate seat it will break a tie in the State Senate.

   There is a lot on the line February 28th, and Dan Lynch believes the “anything goes” political environment in America right now gives an outsider a chance for an upset victory.

   Lynch was born and raised in Waterbury and was the president of his senior class at Holy Cross High School in 1980. Lynch went on to graduate from Bryant College where he studied marketing and computer science. After graduation Lynch moved to Boston and began a career in technology marketing at Cullinet Software.

   As technology advanced Lynch moved back to Connecticut in the 1990s and managed a $400 million technology products business for Micro Warehouse Inc.

   In 1998 Lynch followed his passion for genealogy and became the first vice president for Ancestry.com and helped the company evolve onto a global household brand.

   Lynch launched his own business in 2002, Mattatuck Consulting, LLC, and the company created products and services for historians around the world.

   Six years later Lynch authored the award-winning book, “Google Your Family Tree” and has traveled throughout the world training genealogists to implement advanced Internet searches.

   Lynch is a golfer, runner, cyclist and in recent years, a competitive Master’s rower with the Litchfield Hills Rowing Club (Bantam Lake, Litchfield/Morris). He has run and cycled literally thousands of miles on the roads of Senate District 32 that covers Watertown, Middlebury, Woodbury, Bethlehem, Southbury, Seymour, Bridgewater, Oxford, Washington and Roxbury.

   Lynch is 54-years-old and divorced. He has two daughters, one living in Boston and the other one a junior in college.