Ronald and Donald Weaver grew up in the South End and North End of Waterbury. Over the years they watched community leaders create civic projects and youth opportunities that they benefited from, and the experience ignited a fire in the Weavers that if they ever had an opportunity, they wanted to give back.

   And they have.

   The Weavers have sponsored and volunteered with the youth basketball programs, cultural events and Holiday parties, as well as back to school supply drives for under privileged children at the North End Recreation Center and River-Baldwin Recreation Center. This year the Weaver brothers sponsored the Hispanic Coalition Christmas Party for the senior program on December 16th and the brothers will participate (as kings) on Three Kings Day on January 6 at River-Baldwin Recreation Center where the Hispanic Coalition will provide food and gifts for over 300 families.

   The Weaver brothers also sponsored a feed the needy dinner on December 15 at the Benedict Street Shelter in Waterbury. The brothers believe that growing up in the inner city has provided them with lessons learned from both good and bad behavior. They said they haven’t been perfect, but they are committed to giving back to make other people’s lives better while working to evolve into better people themselves.

   None of us are perfect, but the Weavers are providing a superb example of community involvement at the grassroots level. Merry Christmas Donald and Ronald Weaver. Bravo, well done, and keep up your inspirational work.