The Waterbury Observer is delighted to announce that Geraldo Reyes Jr. will be partnering with the newspaper on special projects. A well known and highly visible community leader in Waterbury, Reyes will help the Observer increase its circle of influence in the Hispanic community, and act as a liaison between the Observer and the nearly 30 neighborhood groups scattered around the city. Reyes has also agreed to help facilitate meetings in the city’s five political districts that would bring aldermen face to face with residents to identify district goals and solutions.

   Observer Publisher John Murray is optimistic that Reyes will have an immediate and positive impact working with the newspaper. “I have worked closely with Gerry Reyes for three years planning The Gathering in downtown Waterbury,” Murray said. “Reyes is relentlessly upbeat – nothing rattles him – and he is energized by interacting and helping people, especially the less fortunate among us.”

   Reyes served four years as an assistant to Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary, and before that he managed manufacturing plants in New Haven, CT, and throughout Central and South America. Reyes was raised in Waterbury and he lives with his wife Hilda in the South End. The Reyes have two beautiful daughters, a dashing grandson, and a frisky dog named Ashes. There is nothing on Earth that makes Geraldo Reyes happier than helping someone in need.

   “Waterbury is changing in many positive ways,” Reyes said. “What’s required is more input from all citizens to help Waterbury become a great city again. Let’s keep moving forward.”

   The Waterbury Observer began in October 1993 and we published our mission statement on the cover of our first issue. Our goal was to “jam a flashlight into the shadows of Waterbury to illuminate people and issues often overlooked by the local mainstream media.” Twenty-three years later that is still our mission, and we believe with the help of Geraldo Reyes we can take our mission to the next level.