African-Americans along with other races have been protesting all over the country regarding the recent killings of unarmed black men. Protests and marches bring attention to matters but they do not fix the problems. The question I continue to ask is what are we going to do next to fix the problems in the African-American community? We still have the highest unemployment rate, the highest HIV rate, the highest poverty rate, Drug use, low test scores, black-on-black crime, run-down neighborhoods, high teen pregnancy, absentee fathers, young men and women wearing their pants beneath their derriere and the list goes on. We must Save Ourselves, hold ourselves accountable and commit to doing better as a people. With that said:

   There will be a statewide forum entitled “African-Americans Save Ourselves” to be held on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 6pm at the Waterbury City Hall 235 Grand Street, Hosted by “The Word on the Street” and sponsored by Community Empowerment Inc.  The panelists schedule to participate are: Dr. Aresta Johnson, Supervisor of Education, Bridgeport Public Schools, Renee Coleman-Mitchell, Section Chief for the Community Health and Prevention DPH, Raymond Wallace, Founder of Guns Down Books Up, Reverend E. L. Smallwood, Duane Pittman, Youth Leader, Kevin Taylor, Executive Director, Neighborhood Housing.

 Everyone is invited.

 For more information call Reverend Pamela Hughes at 203-901-6592

 Thank you for your time.