Acts 4 Ministry Inc. in Waterbury recently received a generous donation from the DaVita Way of Giving. In presenting the donation, the organization stated to Acts 4 Ministry, “In the spirit of the DaVita Way of Giving, our local dialysis clinics are donating $2,000 to Acts 4 Ministry, Inc. for your tremendous support to our patients and community in the Waterbury area with furniture, clothing and encouragement.”

   DaVita Inc., a leading provider of kidney care services, is committed to improving the quality of life for those diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and the organization recently announced that “DaVita Way of Giving,” which is being recognized as an unusual locally-focused charitable giving initiative, will contribute over $1,000,000 in donations to non-profit organizations across the United States. The DaVita Way of Giving is unusual in that company leaders empowered clinics across the organization’s 43-state footprint to select the locally-focused charity of their choice for a company contribution. The Waterbury-area DaVita clinics chose to donate to Acts 4 Ministry at 1713 Thomaston Avenue in Waterbury.

   The non-denominational non-profit Acts 4 Ministry, Inc. provides the basic daily needs for people who have suddenly lost their homes and all their possessions to fire, flood, domestic disputes and other devastating life events. Each year the organization distributes clothing to nearly 4,000 people plus over 1,000 pieces of furniture and house wares to people of varying income levels throughout the Greater Waterbury area regardless of their race, religion or creed.

   The team members from both DaVita Greater Waterbury and DaVita Waterbury Heights joined with Acts 4 Ministry to celebrate the DaVita mission of supporting their community through charitable donations and volunteer services. Photographed in the back row/front row (l to r) were Acts 4 Ministry Team Members, and DaVita employees Amy Reid, Amanda Szychulski, Joan Auguste, Susie Jones-Szoldra. Acts 4 Ministry Executive Director Sarah Elizabeth Carabetta (center front row) with DaVita employees Geri Kastoff and Shawana Rivero.

   Acts 4 Ministry strives to partner with churches, social service agencies, and public schools to help identify and serve people in need. Their Thomaston Avenue building includes a store environment where people identified by these organizations as having immediate needs can select clothing, furniture and household items. Individuals and families can visit the store to personally select clothing, dishes, glassware, furnishings, and other basic needs at no charge.

   “These individuals are frequently referred to us by other charitable organizations as people who have suddenly lost their homes,” explained Carabetta. “We provide them with an atmosphere which preserves their dignity and allows them to walk around our store to select what they personally need vs. being handed clothing or furnishings they do not desire. This is a respectful environment where everyone is treated with caring support.”

To learn more, visit or call 203-574-2287.