Story By John Murray

   Picture a timeline as a python, and imagine the snake tightening it’s coils around the city of Waterbury as it races to implement the aldermen by district ballot initiative passed in November. It is a vast and historic undertaking and city leaders have a tight schedule to follow to make it all work. Eight commissioners have been selected, an outside lawyer has been hired, and last Friday was the deadline for selecting the firm that will actually draw the lines on the five districts in Waterbury.

   Now a special meeting is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, December 11th, to officially begin bringing the players together in one room to begin the work in earnest. Here is the information about the meeting…..

   The District Reapportionment Commission shall hold a special meeting on December 11, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. in Waterbury City Hall, Aldermanic Chambers, 235 Grand Street, Waterbury, Connecticut, for discussion and possible action on each of the following agenda items:

   1. Adoption of Robert’s Rules of Order (10th ed.) as Guidance Document for Parliamentary Procedure.

   2. Cramer & Anderson LLP – Power Point Presentation by counsel on Overview of Commission’s Charge.

   3. Peter Morrison, Ph.D. – Power Point Presentation by demographic consultant on goals of process, compliance with Voter Right Act, federal constitutional standards.

   4. Action items:
      a) Establishment of City Clerk’s office as DRC’s regular office.

      b) Adoption of schedule of special meetings.

     c) Authorization to chair, counsel and/or consultants to formulate and implement        public outreach plan.


   5. Adjournment