State Representatives Anthony D’Amelio (R-71), Selim Noujaim (R-74), Larry Butler (D-72), Victor Cuevas (D-75) and Jeffrey Berger (D-73) and State Senator Joe Markley (R-16) today applauded the state’s Bond Commission for including a $7,000,000 grant to improve the Waterbury Branch Line of the Metro-North rail line. The commission is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, November 19th. The grant is for “design of cab signal and automatic train control.”

  “For many years the Waterbury delegation has been working tirelessly to improve the train service to our city,” Rep. Noujaim said. “Now we see the light at the end of the tunnel and will continue to pursue speedy improvements so riders can receive their due respect and desired standards of service.” 

  “The Waterbury line is important to both daily commuters and occasional riders and I’m happy the delegation was able to secure these funds to improve the line for everyone,” Rep. D’Amelio said. “Providing the best service possible, with minimal delays, is a benefit to the entire area.”

  “I thank Governor Malloy for supporting this investment in our transportation system that will help get vehicles off our congested roads and give the local economy a boost,” Rep. Butler said. “These funds will allow for more efficient movement of train cars and better delivery of transportation services.”

  “With its strategic location, Waterbury has the potential to serve as a transportation hub for this area of Connecticut,” Rep. Cuevas said. “Governor Malloy has once again proven he is committed to providing transportation choices and helping strengthen the city’s economic footing.”

   “The continued maintenance of the Waterbury rail line, along with this upgrade, is critical to the improvement and future economic development of our city,” Rep. Berger said. “Studies have consistently shown that ridership will expand and grow with increased and improved service and this $7 million upgrade with go a long way toward achieving these goals.”

  “Our first priority in government should be taking care of what we have and the Waterbury line – an increasingly important transportation artery for Valley commuters – has been in desperate need of upgrades for years,” Sen. Markley said. “I’m delighted that the needed funding is on its way.  The investment will pay off many times over for the city of Waterbury and the surrounding towns.”

   As always, the entire Waterbury delegation will continue to work together to bring valuable state dollars back to the people of Waterbury.