Seven Angels Theatre’s Artistic and Managing Director Semina DeLaurentis announced that the theatre’s lobby will be dedicated to the late Najla G. Noujaim, a long-time supporter of the theatre. The dedication will take place at an invitation-only event on Thursday, September 18. Family, friends, and other community leaders will be in attendance.

DeLaurentis said “The lobby dedication serves as an example of the difference one person can make.” She also added, “Since the very beginning of Seven Angels, the members of the Noujaim family have been treasured friends of the theatre, believing in our mission and playing a vital role in our success and achievements,” she noted. “As we continue to look forward into the future, and enter into our 25th year in Waterbury, it is as important as ever to celebrate those who have shared in all the aspects of our first quarter-century.”

DeLaurentis also commended the theatre’s Board of Directors for their enthusiasm and approval of this project.  “We wanted to honor the Noujaim family’s commitment, dedication, and unwavering faith over the past 24 years of Seven Angels’ existence,” she explained. “We wanted to pay tribute to the Noujaim family by dedicating the Seven Angels Theatre lobby in memory of Mrs. Najla Noujaim, a fan, a supporter, and an advocate. We know she is deeply missed and cherished by her family and friends. We hope this tribute will be a lasting expression of our support toward the Noujaim family, and a tangible remembrance of someone very important.”

Mrs. Noujaim passed away unexpectedly after a tragic accident earlier this year. She was very involved with Seven Angels Theatre, supported many of their youth programs, and was a long-time subscriber. A Waterbury resident, she was a devoted mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Mrs. Noujaim left an indelible mark on her adopted city of Waterbury as the family matriarch to a strong and thriving Lebanese community. Part of a core group of respected elders, she commanded admiration and was revered by generations, who willingly gave of their hearts because she so freely gave of hers.

Seven Angels Theatre is located on Plank Road in Waterbury, Connecticut, just off I-84, with plenty of free parking. The Box Office can be reached at (203) 757-4676. Find them on the Web at