By John Murray

   Mrs. Mario Generali, and her son, Ed Generali, peek over at the Reverand Ronald Ferraro last night during an awards dinner for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Waterbury at La Bella Vista. The late Mario Generali was being honored for his 45 year-dedication to the Boys Club. Ed and his mother were looking at Reverend Ferraro after Ed announced that Ferraro had attended his parent’s wedding as an alter boy. 

Waterbury Police Chief Vernon Riddick Jr. was presented the Outstanding Leadership Award last night, and delivered a classy speech thanking his father, his high school basketball coach, and gave a big shout out to Kennedy High School and Tufts University.

Victor Lopez Jr. was awarded the Outstanding Community Service Award for his work as the presiudent of The Hispanic Coalition of Greater Waterbury.

Joe Macary, left, is the Superintendent of Schools in Wolcott, and was awarded the Distinguished Educator Award. When he was called up to the podium there was an eruption of support for Macary in the back of the banquet hall and John Cheiro, middle, the executive director of the Boys and Girls Club, and master of ceremony, Joe Palladino, playfully respond.