Daniel “RUDY” Ruettiger is coming to The Summit At Plantsville on April 4th.
The Summit At Plantsville is honored to have the unique opportunity to host Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger April 4 at 7:00pm. Rudy is a motivational speaker and former collegiate football player for the University of Notre Dame and best known as the inspiration for the movie “Rudy”.                                                     
The 1993 hit movie “Rudy” is based upon the true story of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, the ultimate underdog, an undersized wannabe who dreamed of playing football for Notre Dame. Ruettiger had to overcome the longest of odds to make his dream come true.  He was one of 14 children, had undiagnosed dyslexia and marginal grades.  After serving in the Navy for two years, working in a power plant for two years, and attending nearby Holy Cross College, he was finally accepted into the University of Notre Dame on his fourth attempt. At 5’6” and 165 pounds, Rudy was hardly the ideal collegiate football player.  However, through his perseverance and determination, he earned a spot on Notre Dame’s practice squad. Rudy’s hard work finally paid off when he was asked to suit up for the last game of his senior year. On the final play of the game, Rudy sacked the Georgia Tech quarterback and was carried off the field by his teammates, a rare honor in Notre Dame history.
Since graduation and the release of the movie, Rudy has toured the world giving motivational speeches. In addition to his speaking engagements, Rudy and his wife have set up a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and recognition of those who aspire to fulfill their dreams through character, courage, contribution and commitment.
Tickets for Rudy are $35 in advance and $45 at the door.  Seating is limited! To purchase tickets, send a check made payable to The Summit At Plantsville to The Summit At Plantsville c/o Colleen Donahue, 261 Summit Street, Plantsville CT.  For further information, contact Colleen or Barbara at 860-628-0364. All proceeds collected will go to The Summit At Plantsville’s Resident Council Fund, which is used to enhance the quality of life of our residents.