The Waterbury police have obtained an arrest warrant charging Ismail Abdus-Sabur (5/8/79) of NYC with murder for the shooting death of Kareem Morey (age 38) which occurred Friday night in the area of 17 Chestnut Avenue.

   Morey and his two sons, ages 19 and 21, confronted Abdus-Sabur and a group of men Friday night around 10:30 pm in the rear of 17 Chestnut Avenue. During the altercation, Abdus-Sabur fired a shot at Morey striking him in the upper chest.

   Morey was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital where he died of his injuries early Saturday morning. Abdus-Sabur is from NYC and has multiple felony narcotic convictions from New York. It is still under investigation as to why Abdus-Sabur was in Waterbury and it appears that he fled out of state following the shooting.

   Waterbury police  are working with the US Marshals and other jurisdictions to track Abdus-Sabur.