A Chance to Listen
by Sen. Joe Markley

State debt, taxes, government waste, town needs, and transportation issues are among the topics likely to come up when I host a series of Town Hall Meetings along with my fellow legislators in the 16th district.

The Senate district I am honored to represent includes Southington, Waterbury, Wolcott, Cheshire and Prospect. I like to try to hear from residents before the legislative session begins because it gives me a better sense of what people are thinking and where I need to focus my effort.  It also gives me a chance to let you know about issues likely to be on the agenda in Hartford that may not have come to your attention.

State Representatives including Al Adinolfi, Lezlye Zupkus, Selim Noujaim, Tony D’Amelio and Rob Sampson will join me in various locations throughout the district over the next few weeks to meet with members of the public. It’s the third year I’ve held these sessions, and everyone is welcome.

I believe the people of Connecticut want government to reduce spending, limit state debt, and start lifting the burden of taxes and regulations.  Because this upcoming session is focused on adjusting the state budget, this desire for a clear budget plan is one of my priorities.

In my opinion, the legislative process has deteriorated alarmingly.  The culture at the capitol accepts the notion of hiding big policy changes inside impenetrable documents and passing laws in the middle of the night, without public input or proper scrutiny.  This has to stop.  We are elected by the people, and we must be honest with them, and give them a proper chance to participate in the formulation of law.  That’s not a partisan issue, I’d say, but simply common sense.

The town hall tour kicked off in Wolcott this week and will wind through the district, ending in Waterbury. Here is the schedule of events:

Monday, January 27 in Waterbury
6:30 – 8:00 pm
Waterbury City Hall (Veterans Memorial Hall)
235 Grand Street, Waterbury, CT

I invite you all to attend and look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact my office if you are unable to attend but have something on your mind. My phone number is: 860-240-8800; you can also visit my website, www.SenatorMarkley.com, and send me an email.