While planting your yearly garden, include an extra row to donate to Connecticut Food Bank or a food program in your area.Clean, fresh produce can be delivered to any of Connecticut Food Bank’s warehouses in East Haven, Fairfield and Waterbury.

   Click here for directions to Connecticut Food Bank’s warehouses and hours of operation.When you bring your donation in, please clearly note it’s for the Plant a Row program. Your donation will be weighed and a receipt will be provided upon request. Your donation may be tax-deductible. Please contact a tax professional for details.You can donate directly to a hunger-assistance organization, please download a Plant a Row brochure to find out how from the CT Food Bank Website.

   If you would like a hard copy of the brochure, please contact Sade Heard at (203) 469-5000 ext. 332 or sheard@ctfoodbank.org. In Ampleharvest.org, you can plug in a zip code and find out which organizations accept them and when.If you donate directly to a program, please let Connecticut Food Bank know, so we can keep an account of all Plant a Row donations.