Representative Jeff Berger (D-Waterbury) was recognized today by the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) as Legislator of the Year for his efforts on behalf of law enforcement.

“As a former Waterbury police officer, I am honored to be recognized by such a dedicated organization that always puts the wellbeing of others before anything else,” Rep. Berger said. “One of my highest priorities in the legislature is maintaining effective public safety while nurturing the trust necessary for people to reach out when they need help. I look forward to working with the CPCA on many future endeavors.”

According to the website, the CPCA is an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the residents of the State of Connecticut; to aiding other government bodies within and external to the State of Connecticut in the administration of justice, ensuring that all are treated equally before the law. To strive always to provide service to the public of the highest attainable quality by constantly searching for those methods that will keep Connecticut law enforcement in the forefront of public safety issues.

Rep. Berger added, “The General Assembly is committed to the hard work and dedication of all our public safety personnel as an indispensable quality-of-life component.”

Rep. Berger is Deputy Speaker of the House and represents the 73rd Assembly District in Waterbury. He serves on the Finance, Judiciary and Executive Nominations Committees.