By John Murray

   During an interview with Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary yesterday he announced the results of a civil service test for the opening of police chief in the city. Vernon Riddick, pictured here, has been the acting police chief since the sudden retirement of Michael Gugliotti in January, and Riddick is seeking to become the permanent chief.


   If the test results are any indication, it appears that Riddick has an excellent shot of signing a contract in the near future. Riddick was ranked #1 in the test, followed by Chris Corbett and Fred Spagnolo, the two deputy chiefs in the department.

   O’Leary said he will interview all three candidates and make his decision in the near future.

   “It won’t be easy,” O’Leary said, “because I love and respect all three men.”

   When the interviews are over, don’t be surprised if you see the word “acting” vanish in front of Vernon Riddick’s name.