The Observer just received this message from one its readers, Reza Farzan…

   “I was one of the hundreds of passengers on the 8:30 p.m. train to Waterbury [from Bridgeport] last night. The 3-car train arrived a little late, but it left the station rather promptly. I was sitting the car # 6127 where I noticed that the red light showing the “Toilet Out of Order” sign. Soon after our departure, passengers, both young and old, came to use the toilet and after seeing the sign, they all left disappointed. When one of the passengers inquired about the situation, the ticket agent told her that “there is no toilet on this train, and she had to hold it!”


   So, my question is: why would MTA/Metro North put a train without a working toilet into service knowing that it is an hour long train ride from Bridgeport to Waterbury? Don’t you think that Waterbury passengers deserve a train with a working toilet on board? And what does it take for MTA/Metro North to fix these toilets on the Waterbury line?

   Also, the ticket agent on board the train did not speak Spanish while nearly 2/3 of the passengers where Hispanic, and a few passengers who spoke only Spanish, had not bought their ticket and needed assistance, and of course the ticket agent could not communicate with them, and as he said, “I speak only Americanos!”

   Passengers on the Waterbury line deserve better. They deserve trains with working toilets and ticket agents who can speak Spanish too. Is that too much to ask?”