The Waterbury Oral Health Collaborative continues to partner with the Waterbury schools to make certain kids have good oral health. “When children have a toothache, it is difficult for them to focus on their school work. This program reduces the barriers of transportation, access and school absenteeism by bringing the equipment and trained staff to the school” stated Christine Bianchi, who serves as one of the chairs of the Collaborative.


   On June 21, 2013, the Smile Builders program completed its 7th year of providing dental cleanings and sealants to Waterbury students, preschool through grade 12. Approximately, 1600 visits were completed and 782 Waterbury students received mobile dental services on-site at their schools. “There have been hundreds of Waterbury students, who have grown up using Smile Builders, as they graduate from pre-school or elementary school to middle school or high school. I am very excited that Smile Builders will be providing much needed dental services for its 8th year to Waterbury students in the Fall”, said Dana Robinson-Rush, Smile Builders Program Manager and Secretary for the Collaborative.

   Smile Builders is also thrilled to announce that Chase Elementary School had the highest percentage of students participating in the program, Buck’s Hill Elementary School has the lowest cavities rate for the year and Wendell Cross Elementary School had the highest percentage of reduction of cavities within the school year.

   Through the Smile Builders program, hygienists employed by StayWell Health Care, Inc. will perform professional dental services. If follow-up dental care is needed, the family is contacted by StayWell to assist with the scheduling treatment appointments or care coordination. For more information about the Smile Builders program or register your child, please call 203-756-8021 ext. 3055.