Jason Van Stone announced today that he will seek the Republican Mayoral nomination for the upcoming municipal election in Waterbury November 2013. Van Stone is currently a commissioner on the Waterbury Board of Education and Republican Party Chairman.

Van Stone made the decision last week after hearing from dozens of city taxpayers who had recently opened their tax bills.

“The taxpayers in Waterbury are hurting and they need someone to champion for them,” Van Stone said. Adding, “I can understand their pain because I feel the same burdens as them. Being overtaxed on a home and a car in this city, while raising a family, is getting too hard for many of us. It isn’t fair and it needs to change.”

Van Stone’s actions on the Board of Education echo his words on lower spending and taxes. He has consistently voted against increases in spending and bonding, oftentimes being the lone voice of dissent.

“The powers that be need to stop thinking of the Waterbury taxpayers simply as an ATM, from which they can continually drain money, “Van Stone said. “If I am fortunate enough to be elected mayor, I will have one, and only one special interest group… the Waterbury taxpayer.”

Van Stone is divorced with two children and is currently the Director of Marketing at Waterbury based OptiCare Eye Health & Vision Centers. He is 38 years old.

Van Stone will try and unseat incumbent, Mayor Neil O’Leary. It is widely anticipated that the Independent Party will run Larry De Pillo on the ballot in November.