Dora’s Hope / Choice Centered Medicaid, an organization promoting national Medicaid Reform, is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to its Board of Directors.

Former Governor John G. Rowland, Chairman of Dora’s Hope/Choice Centered Medicaid, announced today that the organization has added two new members to its Board of Directors: John Tobin, Retired President and CEO of Waterbury Hospital, and Kevin DelGobbo, CEO of Waterbury Development Corporation. 

In his announcement, Rowland stated that “Medicaid’s policy of institutionalizing family members is a financial and moral issue that has to go through the political process, so we need the best and brightest on this board. Both of these gentlemen bring a wealth of knowledge to the board and our organization.  John brings his background in not only healthcare but also Medicaid, while Kevin is very familiar with healthcare issues and knows his way around the political system.” 

Prior to his involvement with Dora’s Hope, John Tobin led and served Waterbury Hospital for twenty-three years until his retirement in 2010.  While at the hospital, Tobin had many achievements, including: fostering positive relationships with labor unions, creating a full-service heart program, and establishing a free standing cancer center (the latter two were in partnership with St. Mary’s Hospital).  When asked about Tobin, Rowland noted that “John knows how to bring opposing parties together, one of Dora’s Hope, key goals in promoting Choice Centered Medicaid.”

DelGobbo, a Naugatuck native who served in the State Legislature from 1997 until 2009, brings his incredible public sector experience to the Dora’s Hope mission. The Former State Representative served as Ranking Member of the Appropriations Committee and has also served on a CT Hospitals Task Force.  While working in the state legislature, DelGobbo was a leader in promoting Money Follows the Person (MFP), as he worked closely with Dora’s Hope’s founder Joe Stango on legislation that would allow an additional 4,300 people, 5,000 in all, to return to the community.   In 2009, former Governor Rell appointed DelGobbo to the CT Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC), where he served as Chairman for over three years.    

When asked about their new Board positions, the two gentlemen were very enthusiastic.  DelGobbo said that organization and the dedicated people involved, especially founder Joe Stango, are truly “passionate in their efforts to give seniors and the disabled a continued quality of life.   I want to help make Joe’s vision of Medicaid a reality.”  John Tobin expressed similar feelings, saying that he “thinks Joe Stango, founder of Dora’s Hope, is on the right track in his efforts to reform Medicaid.  I’m excited to help.”

Stango is confident that, with the help of “these men, who are of the highest caliber,” Dora’s Hope and its growing list of supporters will realize true Medicaid reform. “It may take a long time,” he said, “but I’m confident that with this Board’s help, we can make our case to Congress – and especially to the American people.”

Dora’s Hope / Choice Centered Medicaid, a 501(c)(4) organization, strives to educate the public on the current Medicaid system’s shortcomings and to organize and support a vigorous grass roots campaign that champions the needed reforms.  The group was founded by Joseph Stango, a resident of Southbury, whose mother Dora was a nursing home resident.  Stango lobbied the State Legislature in 2006 for the passage of Money Follows the Person, a program that allows nursing home residents the opportunity to return to their community, so he could care for her in her final years.

For further information contact:  Joe Stango

Dora’s Hope / Choice Centered Medicaid