Alexis Rotella and Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary.

                                                 By John Murray

  Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary announced that he has hired Alexis Rotella to be the full-time Municipal Agent for the Elderly. Alexis will head up the Waterbury BRASS Program (which stands for Bringing Resources to Action to Serve Seniors), and will be housed out of the new senior center opening in a few weeks in the East End of Waterbury.

   The center will act as the hub of all senior activity in Waterbury, and is open to seniors from across the city. There will be a recreation room, a computer room, a large area for a community garden, a kitchen, and lots of other amenities.

   Alexis has been working as the acting director of the Brass Program for the past year as the city went through a formal civil service process to find a permanent director. She went through the testing process and was formally hired last week.