By John Murray

   Two former heavyweights in the Waterbury political arena got a chance to catch up Saturday afternoon at the Taste of Lebanon in the East Mountain neighborhood of the city. Mike Jarjura, on the right, was mayor of Waterbury from 2001 to 2011, and often went on WATR radio to answer questions from Ed Flynn, who hosted a talk radio show for almost 20 years in Waterbury. Flynn scaled back his work a few years ago, and now hosts a music show on Saturdays.

   Mike Jarjura is still considered the most formidable opponent to incumbent Neil O’Leary, and hasn’t yet ruled out a run, the political scuttlebutt around the city is that Jarjura is not going to challenge this year.. He can be found down at Jarjura Farms most days helping with the fresh flowers.

   Although it might appear that the young girl in the background is making a strong editorial statement, she was actually sweaty from running around and was waiting to give Mike Jarjura a hug.