StayWell Health Center, a community health center in Waterbury that serves over 20,500 area patients has received Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) certification for its 80 Phoenix Avenue location. The PCMH certification is through the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). StayWell is the first community health center in Connecticut to achieve Level 3 certification under the 2011 guidelines.

   PCMH certification includes many steps to ensure that the provider who is being certified meets criteria, including; coordinating care, patient-doctor relationship, use of electronic health records and cultural competency. The StayWell providers who have been certified under the PCMH designation are:

Mary Ellen Baldino, APRN    Philippe Chain, MD
Eileen Condon, APRN    Sunil D’Cunha, MD, FACP
Amber Dawson, APRN    Shalini Keswani, MD
Zife Krosi, MD     Luis Leon, MD
Stephen Rossner, MD     Adnan Sadiq, MD
Kathleen Sardegna, MD    Ellen Thompson, APRN

   The PCMH certification both confirms the current quality of care and will continue to further improve care offered to patients at StayWell’s Phoenix Avenue location. Says Dr. Adnan Sadiq, “the patient physical examination using PCMH guidelines is much more focused. With PCMH, patients know what they are being treated for, what their medications are, and how to use them.” Dr. Sadiq was a guest on WATR’s “Medicare and You” show on Wednesday, May 8th to discuss how PCMH impacts StayWell and the care patients receive. A recording can be viewed on the “Medicare and You” You-Tube channel.  Utilizing a PCMH approach, provider teams work to improve chronic disease outcomes and engage patients in managing their own care. 

   StayWell Health Center is committed to the improvement of health and wellness within the Greater Waterbury community. StayWell Health Center delivers high quality comprehensive services with emphases on prevention and combatting barriers.