By John Murray

   Waterbury Police Chief Vernon Riddick announced the installation of a medication drop box in the lobby of the Waterbury Police Department yesterday afternoon. Riddick said the public can drop unwanted, unused or expired medications in the box 24/7, 365 days a year, with no questions asked. The box was donated by the Bunker Hill Pharmacy, whose owner, William Summa, is second from the left.

   Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary, second from the right, said the misuse of prescription drugs was an epidemic in the country, and he said he found some unsued painkillers in his medicine cabinent over the weekend. “There is not a family I know that hasn’t been affected by this problem,” O’Leary said, “I encourage everyone to look into their medicine cabinet and get rid of medications they aren’t using. If you can’t make it down to the police department, call the police and we’ll have someone pick up the medicine and dispose of it for you.”

   The concept behind the drop box is to get prescription drugs out of circulation before they fall into the wrong hands (children, criminals, or substance abusers) or damage the environment through improper disposal.

 William Summa of the Bunker Hill Pharmacy, left, talked with Waterbury Neil O’Leary before the press conference. In the background is Alexis Rotella, the city’s liaison to senior citizens, and on the right is Republican-American photographer Steve Valenti.

   The Waterbury PD said the following items were acceptable to place in the medication drop box;

• Over-the-counter medications

• Prescription medications

• Medication samples

• Medications for household pets

• Medicated lotions or oinments


The following is not acceptable;

• Needles or other sharp objects

• Hazardous waste

• Personal care products


Contents in the box will be incinerated.