Several Waterbury-based arts organizations have been awarded a state grant . Seven Angels Theatre, Shakesperience Productions, The Mattatuck Museum Arts and History Center and the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra will each receive grants from the Connecticut Arts Endowment.

   “The Arts are very important to a thriving community like Waterbury and I’m happy each of these worthy organizations will benefit from state grants,” Rep Tony D’Amelio said.  “Each of the organizations brings people from the surrounding community into our city and showcases the incredible talents of local performers and artists. This is great news for the entire Greater Waterbury area.”

   Rep. Selim Noujaim agreed, adding “Although the amounts given to each of these worthy Waterbury entities seems small, I feel that every little bit helps and every dollar is worth the effort especially in today’s difficult economy. Waterbury was not overlooked and that is what the entire Waterbury delegation works toward.”

The organizations will receive:
Seven Angels Theatre – $1,503
Shakesperience Productions – $1,544
Mattatuck Museum- $2,325
Waterbury Symphony Orchestra – $40,755

   The Arts Endowment was created by the General Assembly to provide state matching support to the private fund raising efforts of Connecticut arts organizations.  The interest on the Arts Endowment is distributed annually to arts organizations which have raised at least $25,000 of private funds and the distribution formula is specified by statute.  This year, The Connecticut Office of the Arts awarded $620,700 from the Connecticut Arts Endowment to 107 arts organizations.