The Connecticut Bar Association’s (CBA) LawFirst Publishing division announces the release of A Practical Guide to Issues in Connecticut Elder Law. CBA members and Waterbury attorneys Mark W. Dost, Julia M. Brown and Esther Rada contributed to the book. A Practical Guide to Issues in Connecticut Elder Law provides in-depth coverage of some of the most essential topics that elder law attorneys will encounter in their practices.

This book covers the law and offers the practical experience of well-known Connecticut elder law attorneys and others in a number of important areas, including, self-funded special needs trusts, Connecticut’s “State Supp” (AABD) benefit, tax planning considerations in elder law and bankruptcy basics.

Mark W. Dost:  Dost served as general editor of the book, along with Hamden Attorney Susan Nobleman, and authored three chapters entitled: Differences in Medicaid Eligibility for Married and Unmarried Couples, Annuities and Medicaid Planning Qualification After the Deficit Reduction Act, and Basic Tax Planning Considerations in Elder Law. Dost is a past chair of the CBA’s Elder Law Section, a fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, and a member of the executive committees of the CBA’s Elder Law, Estates and Probate, and Human Rights and Responsibilities Sections. He is an attorney in the Waterbury law firm of Tinley Nastri Renehan & Dost LLP Brown authored the chapter on Basic Medicaid Eligibility.

Julia M. Brown:  She is the founding principal of the Law Office of Julia M. Brown LLC in Waterbury. Brown is an accredited Veteran’s Affairs attorney, an executive member of the CBA’s Elder Law Section, and past chair of the Section’s Medicaid and Continuing Legal Studies Committees.

Esther Rada:  Rada contributed to the chapter on Enforcing the Rights of Nursing Home Residents. She is an elder law attorney with Connecticut Legal Services located in Waterbury. A Practical Guide to Issues in Connecticut Elder Law is available on the CBA’s Web site ( or through the CBA by calling (860)223-4400. The Connecticut Bar Association is a professional association committed to the advancement of justice, the protection of liberty, and to safeguarding the dignity of the legal profession. For more information please visit