The Waterbury Board of Education’s Ad Hoc Committee on the Naming of School Facilities will hold a Public Hearing on Monday, March 18, beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Waterbury Arts Magnet School, for the purpose of hearing public comment on the names being
considered for the new Waterbury Career Academy High School, scheduled to open for the 2013-2014 school year.

The Waterbury Career Academy High School is a state-of-the-art facility with cutting edge technology in four in-demand career strands: computer information technology, health services, human services, and advanced engineering / manufacturing technology.  Students in the freshmen year will have an opportunity to explore all four career strands.  Upper classmen will choose an area of concentration that may lead to State certification and college credit in addition to a high school diploma. Students will graduate the new school prepared for a career or continuing education at the college level.

The eight names being considered for the new school are: the WaterburyCareer Academy High School, the William Henry Bristol High School, the Porter, Grilley and Clark Academy of Career Development High School, the Edelmiro Arroyo High School, the Brass City High School, the Brass City Career Academy High School, the Dr. Michael C. Donovan High
School, and the Rivera Memorial High School.  William Henry Bristol was a pioneering manufacturer who contributed to Waterbury’s economic development. Porter, Grilley and Clark formed a partnership in 1802 that led to the creation of the Scovill Manufacturing Company.  Edelmiro Arroyo was a former Board of Education Commissioner who spent
his life promoting the importance of education.  Dr. Michael C. Donovan began his career in the Waterbury Public Schools and later became a principal of Crosby High School and a Superintendent of Waterbury Public Schools.  Mr. Rivera was a firefighter who died in
the line of duty.

Following the Public Hearing, the Ad Hoc Committee will review public input and make a recommendation to the full Board of Education.