Louise (Anna Klein) lines up her final putt as the other interested parties (L. to R.) Mike Ritts, Pat Donahue, Liz Fricke, Lorinda Church, Bill Wilson) watch ever so closely, in a rehearsal for Ken Ludwig’s new comedy, THE FOX ON THE FAIRWAY.

    Ken Ludwig, author of such hilarious comedies as LEND ME A TENOR and MOON OVER BUFFALO writes this fast-paced comedy as a tribute to the great English farces of the 1930’s and 1940’s.
    THE FOX ON THE FAIRWAY takes audiences on a hilarious romp which begins as Quail Valley Country Club prepares to take on its arch rival, Crouching Squirrel Country Club, in the annual inter-club golf tournament. With a sizable wager at stake, Henry Bingham., director of Quail Valley, has himself a “shoe-in” golfer to ace the tournament. However, the director of Crouching Squirrel, the lowest, cheapest chiseler on earth, Dickie Bell, informs Bingham that the “ace” HAS SWITCHED CLUBS AND IS NOW PLAYING FOR HIM!
    Stunned, Bingham has only twenty minutes to come up with a new golfer, or else forfeit the tournament, losing his shirt and his wife’s antique shop. Rising up out of nowhere comes a young and unexpected golfer, who after 16 holes, leads by 9 points! But his fiance’ sends him into a tizzy unexpectedly, as he drops all 9 points with only one hole left. Oh yes, he also breaks his arm showing off!
    What follows is a hilarious and completely unbelievable turn of events (well, it is a play!) that leads to true love, a found diamond, and a last-second shot that… well, why spoil the fun! It’s all in the play, ya know!

PLACE: The Clockwork Repertory Theatre
         133 Main St, Oakville, CT 06779
DATES: March 2, 8-9, 15-16, 22-23 & 30th
CURTAIN: Friday & Saturday, 8:15 PM
TICKETS” $18 reserved
BOX OFFICE: Call 860-274-7247
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