A peek up Willow Street this morning around 8 am. Observer publisher John Murray went on a photo safari in Waterbury from 6:30 am to 9 am this morning. Here are some of his observations – “Downtown will be paralyzed tomorrow. If you thought parking was a problem last week, you’re in for a massive headache. Sidewalks are impassable. Parking lots no longer exist. Hillside and the Overlook are a war zone. Cleaning up after Nemo is beyond daunting. Plows and backhoes and snowblowers and shovels are out in full force, but it’s like emptying a swimming pool with a spoon. This will take days for the city to recover.  Everywhere I looked there were people working hard to dig the city out from beneath Nemo’s wrath. Be patient. Be safe. Help is on the way.”

This is the first image captued this morning and it was on Freight Street as you enter into downtown. The images that follow are in the sequence John Murray took them. Enjoy the ride….

The intersection of Meadow and Grand Street.

A serene Grand Street, the major artery for municipal government and downtown business.

Grand Street is passable, but parking at the moment is non-exixt and sidewalks are buried beneath two and three feet of snow.

The entrance to City Hall is as inviting as a gulag in Siberia..

The only footprints in the snow in front of City Hall were Murray’s. That’s the Chase Building in the background.

Grand Street looking towards the buildings directly across from the Post Office.

Huge mounds of snow at the corner of Leavenworth and Grand Street.

The sidewalks in front of the Post Office have been cleared. The rest of downtown? Not so much….

Grand Street sidewalks.

Looking west up Grand Street.

Looking down South Main Street towards St. Anne’s Church. The sidewalks are buried forcing pedestrians to take to the narrowed streets.

Exchange Place in downtown Waterbury. The tight turn in front of Dunkin Donuts that allows traffic to turn from South Main up Bank Street is unplowed.

Looking up Bank Street.

East Main Street.

Despite all the challenges facing city residents, dozens made their way to the Immaculate Conception Church in downtown Waterbury for Sunday morning mass. Waterburians are nothing if not resilient, and they are driven by faith and hope.

Buried cars along Pine Street in the Hillside neighborhood.

Entombed wipers appear to be signaling for help on Pine Street.

Good luck digging this car out on Pine Street.

Farmington Avenue in the Overlook neighborhood is partially plowed.

Columbia Blvd. was an unplowed mess and was clogged by cars stuck in snow and ice.

City residents are getting a workout trying to clear their driveways, sidewalks and free their cars.

Driving down Willow Street towards downtown was dicey as the width of the road varied  and pedestrians brazenly walked in the middle of the road.

Digging out a church in Watertown.