Connecticut Family Dental co-owners Dr. Tulasi Vikram (left) and Dr. Ratna Vedullapalli will welcome families for a Free Kids’ Day on Saturday, February 23 at their offices at 171 Grandview Avenue in Waterbury. By appointment, Connecticut Family Dental will provide free exams and free cleanings for children ages 3 to 11 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Photographed with the two doctors were current patients Britney Teardo and Kelly Freeman in chair.

Connecticut Family Dental at 171 Grandview Avenue in Waterbury will provide free exams and free cleanings for children ages 3 to 11 on Saturday, February 23, by appointment only, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. “February is National Children’s Dental Health Month,” stated co-owner Dr. Ratna Vedullapalli, and co-owner Dr. Tulasi Vikram, added, “This is a little something we would like to do specifically for children in Waterbury. We anticipate that each exam and cleaning will take approximately 15 minutes for each child.”

A family-focused dental practice, Connecticut Family Dental is a state-of-the-art dental practice that features the newest in digital technologies at affordable prices, free shuttle service for patients, a staff that speaks more than five languages including Spanish, Albanian, Lithuanian, French and Creole, and a 24/7 answering service allows access to their dentists every day. “We created our Free Kids’ Day to teach children how easy it is to take care of their teeth,” stated Dr. Vedullapalli. “Our ambition is to create healthy oral habits from when their minds are young.” Dr. Vikram added, “We provide our skills at very affordable fees to families of all income levels, and the Free Kids’ Day is our way of serving our immediate community. We founded our practice to provide everyone with a high standard of care. We provide all levels of dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, custom dentures, bonding, crowns, white fillings, extractions, inlays and onlays, night guards, tooth whitening, and protective mouth guards.”

Every child who receives dental care on February 23rd will receive a free spin brush after their cleaning. In-office waiting room entertainment will be provided during the day with the creation of fun character balloons for the children. Appointments are necessary to receive the services by calling Connecticut Family Dental at 855-870-3155. Connecticut Family Dental is located on the street level of 171 Grandview Avenue, Suite 103 in Waterbury.

Located across from Waterbury Hospital, Connecticut Family Dental opened in July of 2011. Dr. Vikram, Dr. Vedullapalli and their associates have welcomed hundreds of new patients to their one-stop practice. The dental practice offers state-of-the-art technologies including Panorex PAN X-ray imaging machinery which circulates around the patient’s entire head taking images of teeth, head, sinuses and bones without any contact to the body. “With PAN X-ray we can capture an x-ray of all the teeth in 13 seconds,” commented Dr. Vikram. “This is one of the least intrusive x-ray technologies available today. Since kids tend to get fidgety sitting, capturing their full mouth in 13 seconds is really helpful because it’s so fast it enables us to assess their oral health more accurately. It’s the perfect tool for getting x-rays for kids, and it’s measurably much safer than traditional x-rays.”

Connecticut Family Dental only uses digital x-rays because they provide 80% less radiation on our patients than standard X-rays,” explained Dr. Vedullapalli. “The digital X-rays are fast and convenient for our doctors and patients because the results are almost instant. The process is not painful and is completed in one second. In that one second we get a close x-ray and a look at problem areas, and that’s a perfect length of time for a child.”

All patients under age 13 at Connecticut Family Dental receive spin tooth brushes with their regular checkups and cleanings. “These spin brushes,” Dr. Vikram explained, “with their action figures, make brushing fun, interesting and they motivate kids so much they actually want to brush their teeth mornings and evenings. Some parents tell us that their kids get so fascinated and carried away with the spin brushes they ask why they shouldn’t also brush in the afternoons.” 

A distinctive quality of Connecticut Family Dental is the genteel female dentists which innately make visits friendlier and more relaxed for children. One staff member commented, “Female doctors provide nurturing and gentle care. They are also quite playful and relaxed with the children while giving them the best treatments and care possible. It makes visits to the dentist a very good experience for parents as well.” The practice offers same-day appointments, a spacious waiting room with flat-screen TV and a section especially designed for children, Saturday appointments, affordable payment plans, and acceptance of the majority of dental insurance plans including those in partnership with Connecticut Dental Health (CTDHP).

“Our ambition”, explained Dr. Vedullapelli, “is to serve our patients in every way we can. One of our distinctive pledges to all of their patients is to minimize the number of visits, and maximize the time spent on procedures vs. waiting time. We know people have busy lives, so we strive to make visits to the dentists comfortable and appealing for people of all ages.”

To schedule an appointment for the Saturday, February 23rd Free Kids’ Day from 9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., no walk-ins will be accepted that date, or non-Free Kids’ Days, call Connecticut Family Dental at 855-870-3155 or visit