Children around the world have been tasked with researching and learning about a real world issue facing our society, and to report their findings creatively in the Junior FIRST® LEGO® League (Jr.FLL) “Super SeniorsSM” Challenge. This weekend at Wolcott High School, Wolcott, CT, 10 teams of children guided by their volunteer coaches will demonstrate their problem-solving skills, creative thinking, teamwork, and sense of community.
Founded by inventor Dean Kamen, who introduced the IBOT Mobility System and the Segway® Human Transporter (HT), FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was created to inspire an appreciation of science and technology in young people, their schools, and their communities. Focused on building an interest in science and engineering in children ages 6-9, Junior FIRST® LEGO® League (Jr.FLL®) is a hands-on program designed to capture young children’s inherent curiosity and direct it toward discovering the possibilities of improving the world around them. The program features a real-world challenge, to be solved by research, critical thinking and imagination. Guided by adult coaches and the Jr.FLL Core Values, students work with LEGO elements and moving parts to build ideas and concepts and present them for review.
The 2012 Super SeniorsSM Challenge tasks Jr. FLL teams to improve the quality of life for seniors by helping them continue to be independent, engaged, and connected in the community. Teams worked with their “Senior Partners” to learn about challenges facing today’s Seniors, and then had to come up with and be able to present innovative solutions to those problems. Students showed of their work in two parts of the challenge. Teams will make a LEGO Model, including a moving motorized part based off of this years challenge. Students will also create a Show Me poster that will represent and show their findings.
“The Jr.FLL program gives these students the chance to experience what its like to be a scientists or engineer at a very young age.” says Vern VanFleet, Head Design Mentor of Team Max 1071. “The simple act of having an adult show sincere interest in what they have to say is all it takes to light up their eyes and make them think ‘Wow, I’m doing something that really matters’. That’s the spark that could lead a child into a career where they confidently tackle the really tough problems that this world faces. “
The Wolcott Jr.FLL Celebration is organized and hosted by Team Max 1071, a High School level FIRST Team that participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). The event is part of the team’s community service plan, and it’s commitment to help grow the FIRST Family of Programs.
The Wolcott Jr. FLL Celebration will be on Saturday, January 12th, 2013 at Wolcott High School, 457 Boundline Road, Wolcott, CT. It will be held from 8:30am to 12:00pm.