Chris Murphy was sworn into the United States Senate by Vice-President Joe Biden and afterwards issued the following statement, “Today I was honored to be sworn into the US Senate. So was my one year old son apparently.” Senator Murphy is holding his one-year-old son Rider, while his other son. Owen, 4, stands in front of Murphy’s wife, Cathy Holahan. Photographs courtesy of Senator Murphy’s office.

Senator Murphy issued the following statement –

   “I am humbled and honored to have earned the support of people across Connecticut to serve our state in the United States Senate. I’ve been proud to work for the 41 towns of the Fifth District in the House of Representatives, and I’m going to bring the same passion and work ethic to my job in the Senate. 

   I’m going to fight to strengthen Connecticut’s economy—with the right policies coming from Washington, there is no reason why Connecticut can’t grow jobs in science, technology, manufacturing, and defense. As a lifelong champion of health care reform, I’ll be a leader in making sure that the health care law is implemented in a way that makes sense for Connecticut families and businesses.

   And I’m going to be a leading voice in the national conversation to end the kind of gun violence that shattered precious young lives and devastated a community in Newtown, Connecticut just three weeks ago. As I have throughout my time in public service, I ask that people stay engaged and continue to share ideas for how we can make Connecticut and our country even better. I can’t wait to get to work for all of Connecticut as our state’s new U.S. Senator.