Horror film legend Tom Savin stars in “The Sadist”.

   Two of Waterbury native sons will bring their film to the silver screen at Creative Cinemas 10, 117 Sharon Road, in Waterbury on Thursday, January 3, at 6 and 8pm.”We’ve both shared a passion for filmmaking from a young age,” Says Joe Pisani, who partnered with his friend, Frank Wihbey, to co-produce the film, and co-write the screenplay with another Waterbury native, Pedro Ondrush. “We were both working on our own short films and other projects at the time, and one day we ran into each other. Frank pitched the story to me, and I instantly knew I wanted to be involved. Now here we are three years later, booking venues for the premiere and after-party.” 


   The film, titled “The Sadist”, stars horror film legend Tom Savini, who has appeared in many cult classics such as Robert Rodriguez’s “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn”, and Quentin Tarantino’s latest film “Django Unchained”. Savini is referred to by fans as “The Godfather of Gore”, for his incredible resume of Special Effects work, on films such as “Friday The 13th”, “Dawn of the Dead”, and “Creepshow”.

Co-producers Joe Pisani and Frank Wihbey

   “We knew that we had to cast the most exceptional actor we could to play the role of the Sadist. We sent Tom the script, hoping at best to receive a reply of any kind. We were stunned when he replied that he was interested.” Says Pisani, “Tom was especially interested in the role, because it was a lead with no lines. It takes a special kind of actor to play a character with no dialogue. I know when the audience see Tom Savini as the Sadist, they’re going to remember why he is regarded as a master of his craft.”

   In “The Sadist”, Savini plays the role of a combat veteran with severe psychological disorders, who stalks and attacks hikers and hunters in the woods of a fictitious New England town, which has been be described by the Producers as a rural envisionment of the Greater Waterbury area. Frank Wihbey plays the role of “Jack Bird”, a local college student who finds himself fighting to survive his annual hunting trip with his uncle, played by Santo Fazio, from such films as Abel Ferrara’s “The Funeral”, and hit television programs such as “Law and Order”, and HBO’s “The Sopranos”.

   “The Sadist” was filmed entirely in the Greater Waterbury area, and includes local people in a number of scenes. Town Plot native, Joseph Carusello has written and composed the musical score for the film. Local businesses such as Top O’ the Mornin’ restaurant, on 2740 South Main Street in Waterbury, were used as locations for filming. “We rented professional equipment and used as many professionals as possible, but made it a point to utilize any opportunity that our community could offer.” Says Frank Wihbey, “We firmly believe that we would not have been able to make this movie anywhere other than Waterbury, on the budget that we had to work with.” For the time being, the Producers have chosen not to disclose the exact amount that has been spent to make the film, but they have stated that it is a total of less than one million dollars, defining the film as an “Ultra-Low Budget” production.

   Shortly after Principal Photography, the Producers had posted a teaser trailer on sites like Youtube.com, which has received over four thousand views. “We’ve already been approached by several distributors.” Says Pisani, “A lot of people have been waiting to see the film, and we are very excited to premiere it, especially to our friends, family, and community, who were so eager to help us, and who continue to support the project how ever they can.”

   Following the premiere, Pure Entertainment’s DJ TONY CEE will be hosting an after-party which is open to the public, beginning at 10pm, at Sin City Nightclub, 195 Freight Street in Waterbury, 203-597-9777.

The Sadist Teaser Trailer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHdiM2GsusA