Representative-elect Elizabeth Esty announced today her assignment to the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee during her first term serving the 5th Congressional District. Her statement read – 

   With Newtown still very present in our hearts, I am humbled by the opportunity to work with members of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for legislation that will benefit economic growth in all of the 41 cities and towns of Connecticut’s 5th District.

   While serving at the local and state level, as well as throughout my campaign for federal office, I heard from small business owners, manufacturers, and residents of all backgrounds across central and northwest Connecticut who told me that infrastructure and transportation needs are critical to long-term growth in Connecticut. Serving on this important committee will provide me with the opportunity to advance a comprehensive transportation plan to help keep down commuting costs for workers, help small businesses and manufacturers save money and create jobs, and promote new industries while providing the necessary infrastructure to ensure their success.

   Whether redevelopment of downtown Meriden to protect from flooding, improvement and expansion of public rail in Danbury, addressing infrastructure badly damaged in the storms over the last two years, or easing congestion in Waterbury, investment in our aging infrastructure and transit corridors is critical to ensuring growth in new technologies and economic development. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Transportation and Infrastructure committee in Congress, and most importantly with constituents in the 5th District, to ensure economic growth for all of our communities.

   Assignment to Transportation and Infrastructure in the 113th Congress was highly competitive. This is the first of two committees Representative-elect Esty is likely to be assigned.