From the Desk of Police Chief Gugliotti:

   In response to two recent unfortunate crime incidents in the Overlook area, a meeting was held this past Wednesday at the Mayor’s Office. This meeting was attended by Mayor Neil O’Leary, Chief of Staff Joseph Geary, leaders from the Historic Overlook Association and Yeshiva community, and members of the Police Department’s command staff including myself. The meeting was both positive and productive and we were able to share useful information and ideas with each other. In response to these two crimes, the Police Department has increased presence in the Overlook area. This includes an increase in uniformed officers, plainclothes detectives, and specialized units such as our Street Crime Unit.

   In addition to these crime prevention initiatives, our detectives continue to actively investigate both robberies. Based on the similar modus operandi, similar physical descriptions of the suspects, and the short dist…ance that the two incidents occurred from each other, we are investigating the strong possibility that the two cases are related. As these investigations progress I will continue to update the public regarding any leads or if an arrest is made.

   The City and residents of the area have made a strong commitment with each other to work together to maintain safety in the Overlook area and throughout the entire City of Waterbury. An important aspect of this shared commitment is our mutual support of the Citizens Patrol in the Overlook area. The public are our eyes and ears and citizen involvement is an integral part of our ability to both prevent and solve crime.

I had a follow up meeting today with representatives from the Overlook area and Yeshiva community to discuss a training program for both members of the Citizens Patrol and the police officers that work in that community so we can effectively work together to deter crime. Members of the community also provided me with some constructive criticism and suggestions regarding our 911 Dispatch Center. Streamlining our 911 Dispatch Center continues to be one of my top priorities and our citizens have my commitment that improvements will continue to be made in that center. A follow up meeting is scheduled for November 30th and I look forward to working together with members of the Historic Overlook Neighborhood Association and the Yeshiva community to prevent crime and improve the quality of life throughout the City.

Chief Michael J. Gugliotti
Waterbury Police