Fed up with the post -election hate directed at Barack Obama, Waterbury’s Sam Beamon, a veteran of the U.S. Marines and a retired Waterbury police officer, posted the following comment on his Facebook account.

                                             By Samuel K. Beamon

   I have something to say. I was at my local VFW when a remark was said. “We will see who the President blames the economy on now.”

   It was my understanding that once the election was over that the nation got back to work and the government went back to work. I had just read the newspaper and there was an article about students rioting at Mississippi College over the re-election of President Obama. I know that there are haters out there and I am aware of them.

   I do not agree with everything that this President has said, or done. As a matter of fact, I have not agreed with everything any President has said, or done. If you agree with everything that any person has said or done, then there is something wrong with you. To riot and use ethnic slurs towards the person that this country has chosen to lead us for the next four years is directly opposite of what this country is supposed to be all about – the peaceful transfer of power.

   Those students only did what a lot of people in this country have wanted to say and do since 2008. This President has been the most disrespected President in the history of this country. Lies and false statements have followed him throughout his campaigns. If he was not an American Citizen, it would have been discovered long before his nomination for President. He is referred to as the African-American President. He is the President of the United States of America. He should be shown the respect for the office that he holds. He is the American President. Just like all of those that came before him. We all know what his ethnicity is. He is referred to as Obama, or Mr. Obama, and very seldom as Mr. President, or President Obama. He has been called a Communist, a Muslim, a Socialist, not to mention a lot of other names. Never is he referred to as an American.

   Now the media is trying to figure out how and why Mr. Romney lost. The makeup of the country has changed, the GOP is out of touch, Blacks, Hispanics, Orientals, women and youth voted for the President – the man who is most qualified to run this country, and the population wants to give him a fair chance to straighten out the mess that he walked into. The vast majority of his supporters are not looking for a handout, but an opportunity to live the American Dream.

   All of the racists are not Republicans, or even the Tea Party. There are those that have nothing but pure hatred for a Black man being in charge of this country. There were plenty that stood up and said that they wanted Obama to be a one-term President. There were those that said that they were not going to work with him at all. No President has many jobs to directly handout, the money is given to the states and they hire local people to fill the programs, fix roads and buildings with federal funds.

   The Congress makes the laws. There are plenty of members that have not worked with the President or come up with a plan that they all could agree upon. There is plenty of room for the blame to go around. A popular slogan now is, “Take Back Our Country”, but from whom? “Our Country” is referring to what? One man? Does this slogan suggest we take back the principles upon which this country was founded – the Constitution? You have the same rights and privileges that you had yesterday. What have you lost other than an election?

   I believe that it is time to stop all of the hating, finger pointing and bad mouthing. This is supposed to be the country of opportunity, dreams, and the land of hope. I am an American, a combat Marine Corps veteran, a retired Waterbury police officer – who happens to be of African-American, Indian, and French decent. You don’t have to like me, but I have paid my dues to my country and community – what have you done to make this a better place to live?”