Sunday, November 11th   11:00am-4:00pm

New Morning Market, 129 Main Street North, Woodbury

Join the members of Lotus as we celebrate 15-years of integrative healing education.  Hear valuable information about the many paths to health and wellbeing.  Share a light meal with us at New Morning’s beautiful meeting room.

11:15  Lessons from 15 years of Integrative Medicine Work at Lotus ~ Beatriz R. Olson, MD, FACP

12:00  Diet and Inflammation: How Your Diet May be Killing You ~ James Prado, DC

12:45  EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ~ Catherine A. Lavoie, MSN , APRN

1:30   Acupuncture and You ~ Peter Zilahy, DC, L.AC, CCN

2:15   The Buddhist Way of Being ~ Seth Segall, Ph.D

3:00   A New View of Being Human ~ Jeanette Tedesco, Ph.D, LPC, CPK

Lotus, the Educational Center for Integrative Healing and Wellness was found as a not-for-profit educational organization with the goal of enhancing the wellness and healthcare of our community through the interactive learning and dialogue between conventional and complementary medicine health providers. The experiment started in 1997 has been an exemplary model of how integrative medicine can benefit patients while supporting lifelong learning and professional kingship among its participating credentialed health practitioners.

Dr. Olson will present details of Lotus integrative medicine experience and provide instructive case examples of integrative medicine cases.
The Presenter: Dr. Beatriz Olson, MD, FACP. is an Endocrinologist in private in Middlebury CT since 1996.   She is Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine, where she teaches Endocrinology and The Healers Art Courses. She began her inquiry in integrative medicine in 1995. She founded Lotus 15 years ago and serves as president of Lotus’ Board of Directors. She is a mom of 2 wonderful women. Her life partner is Dr. Eric Olson, an Orthopaedic surgeon in Waterbury, who is also Lotus member and serves on its Board of Directors. She thanks her enlightened colleagues at Lotus for a fabulous learning trip these past 15 years.

Diet and Inflammation: How Your Diet May be Killing You

Join Dr. Prado as he guides you through a brief analysis of the typical American diet and its relationship to diseases of inflammation and discover why the diet of our primitive ancestors is more likely to promote health and wellbeing.  Learn about the importance of the Omega 6:3 ratio and why a diet low in refined carbohydrates is critical to reducing the epidemic of chronic disease.

Dr. Prado is the creator of the acclaimed lifestyle-change course, The Holistic Lifestyle: Contemporary Science Discovers Ancient Wisdom.  Jim has practiced chiropractic in Southbury, CT since 1987 where he utilizes a true holistic approach to the treatment of acute and chronic pain syndromes including back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, stress related muscle tension syndromes and sports injuries.  Jim lives in Roxbury, CT with is wife Karen and son Matt.  His interests include organic gardening, fly-fishing and long distance bicycle touring. 

Catherine Lavoie, MSN, APRN has been helping people with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) find wellness and balance with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for almost 20 years. EMDR is a therapy that uses eye movements to engage both side of the brain simultaneously while the person processes the traumatic event (the past) along with the symptoms (the present) and their intention for healing (the future). She has worked with people who had a car accident and became fearful of driving; people who had experienced a house fire or robbery; people who had been assaulted; those who are having difficulty grieving, and, people who had served in military combat. EMDR has been helpful to many people but like all treatments, it is not for everyone. Learn more at

Catherine Lavoie, MSN, APRN has been active in integrative care for many years. She was one of the first clinicians trained in EMDR. She also uses CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique and other experiential methods. As an APRN, she is licensed to prescribed medications for psychiatric conditions. She employs DNA testing to guide the process with fewer trails and side effects.

Acupuncture and You

Come learn about the compelling evidence and safety of how Acupuncture treatment can be a vital part of your health.  From headaches to neck, back or joint pain, Acupuncture treatments can help get your “pain free” life back.

Dr. Peter Zilahy has been practicing complementary medicine for the past 35 years.  He has an extensive knowledge in orthopedics, acupuncture and clinical nutrition.  Dr. Zilahy was awarded “chiropractor of the year” by the Connecticut Chiropractic Association.  He was the first Acupuncture physician to achieve staff privileges at St. Mary’s Hospital for both Chiropractic and Acupuncture.  He is a member of the Board of Directors of Waterbury Chamber of Commerce Healthcare Council and served on the examining board of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. 

The Buddhist Way of Being

More than being a religion, philosophy, or psychology, Buddhism is an existential way-of-being.  Dr. Segall explores how Buddhism opens and deepens our fundamental engagement with life.

Seth Segall, Ph.D. served on the faculty of four universities (including 30 years on Yale’s clinical faculty) and was the Director of Psychology for Waterbury Hospital from 1998-2004. He is currently the science writer for the Mindfulness Research Monthly and blogs on Buddhist philosophy, meditation, ethics, art, and social action for The Existential Buddhist. His publications include Encountering Buddhism: Western Psychology and Buddhist Teachings (SUNY Press, 2003).

A New View of Being Human

Every human being is unique; yet, what each of us have is an internal power to take action in living life. All of our thinking, feeling, willing and doing are a result of that power within us. This talk will explore the responsibility, control and freedom we each have to determine how we will respond to what life brings our way.

What is this new view of being human and why is it important? There is a common source for human life, a source universal regardless of ethic, cultural and spiritual referents. From this source comes a power, inborn, to take action in living life. This power is profound because it means one can change, reinforce or develop, new attitudes and actions to enhance the way life is lived.

This presentation offers an introductory description of the intangible processes that comprise this power. Any word spoken, any action taken, any feeling experienced is a result  of these processes. This talk provides the attendees with a platform for considering what it means to grow in understanding the power of being human and the value of each person’s contribution to this world.

The Presenter: Dr. Jeanette Tedesco, PhD. is a retired emerita professor from Western Connecticut State University, in private practice as a Kinleiner for more than 25 years.