Waterbury Police Chief Micael Gugliotti took to Facebook this evening to warn area residents to stay off the roads. Gugliotti wrote, “I understand that people needed to be on the roads at some point during the day. Early release from school and work are legitimate reasons. I also understand driving under less than desirable conditions is a personal choice. I can’t understand why some folks needed to be out on the road during the later part of the day without a good reason. The early dismissals and warning we put out are a good indication that there is a hazard that can be potentially dangerous.”

   “Please heed those warnings and do your best to remain in a safe and secure environment until there is no longer a situation which puts people’s safety at risk. The Waterbury Police Department has been called to investigate over forty(40) accidents thus far today. A great majority were later in the afternoon and into this evening. Remember, we respond to priority 1 emergency calls first and foremost. If you have called because of an accident in which there are no injuries, you stand the chance of waiting a period of time before an officer can respond. By working together, we can avoid unnecessary accidents and the added frustration of having to wait for an officer to arrive. Please use common sense and be safe. That is all for now. :)”