Joseph P. Nolan

                                             By John Murray

   In the October issue of The Waterbury Observer it was mistakenly reported that State Representative Selim Noujaim (74-R) and State Senator Joan Hartley (15-D) were “both widely expected to win re-election in November (especially since both are running unopposed.”

   That statement is untrue.

   While the Democrats are not challenging Noujaim, and the Republicans are not challenging Hartley, the Independent Party in Waterbury has placed opponents against the long term incumbents. Joseph P. Nolan, above, a former teacher and vice-principal with masters degrees in theology and special education, is squaring off against Selim Noujaim in the 74th District.

   Andrew Larsen, pictured directly below, is a former tennis champion with 30 years of expereience as a buyer for Goodrich, United Technologies and Perkin-Elmer, is squaring off against Joan Hartley for the 15th State Senate seat representing the western portion of Waterbury, Prospect and Naugatuck. Hartley has served in the legislature for 28 years, 16 as a state representative from the 73rd District, and the past 11 as state senator.

   Additionally, the Independent Party is running Bernard Bailey for Registrar of Voters in Waterbury. Bailey, pictured below, has earned a Bachelors Degree from Albertus Magnus College in criminal justice. Bailey is challenging Republican Registrar Timothy De Carlo and Democratic Registrar, Patricia Mulhall. 


Andrew “Andy” Larsen

Bernard Bailey