(l. o r.) Patrick Donahue as ELLARD tries to teach English to John Fabiani as CHARLIE by using common objects in very different ways in the comedy THE FOREIGNER by Larry Shue playing at the Clockwork Rep through December

THE FOREIGNER – A Comedy by Larry Shue, Directed by Bill Wilson

THE FOREIGNER is one of two full-length comedies written by Larry Shue before his untimely death in an airplane accident. Hailed as a comic triumph when it was first presented in Milwaukee, THE FOREIGNER went on to become a smash-hit on Broadway and wherever it played in theatres all over the country.  The story involves a rather meek fellow named Charlie. He has come to the US from Britain with his British Army friend, Froggy. Froggy is on a local military mission, so he decides to leave Charlie in the care of his good friend Betty who owns an old lakeside fishing establishment in Tilghman County, Georgia. Seems that Betty is a recent widow and is down and out on her luck. The local property inspector wants to condemn her
property due to a foundation problem, but his motives are much more than meets the
eye at first.

Charlie is rather shy, so to avoid contact with other people, Froggy hits on the idea of telling Betty that Charlie is a foreigner and speaks no English. Betty is beside herself, having never met a “Foreigner” before!

The fun begins when Charlie overhears more than he should as others, making devious plans, think he can’t understand them. With the help of a rather dim-witted boy, Charlie enters on a plan to disrupt the evil-doers and save Betty’s establishment. Along the way, he meets a girl he falls for, and a climactic moment ensues when the Ku Klux Klan invades the camp. Will Charlie find true love and ward off the evil-doers? Well, to tell you is to spoil the story and reveal a most unusual ending!

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DATES: Nov. 3, 9-10, 16-17, 23-24 & Dec. 1
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