The Connecticut Community Foundation (CCF) believes that there is significant value in the use of the arts as a tool for youth and community development.

   In an effort to complement existing arts education programs offered in schools, CCF is excited to offer a new grant opportunity, “Living Art”, for arts, youth, and community agencies to work together to bring interactive arts programming to under served populations in Waterbury that also allow opportunities for community engagement and revitalization.  

   Funding also is available to organizations located outside of Waterbury as long as their program will be offered in Waterbury.    

   Next Steps/Timeline:  Review Community Arts RFP guidelines to determine your nonprofit’s eligibility.  Submit initial concept letter that outlines the general nature of the work you are considering, potential partners, etc. Deadline is November 2, 2012. Please submit letter via email to 

    Completed our general application form designating the lead organizations and possible expanded partnerships clearly outlining commitments and support to the program. Please submit your application via e-mail to  by January 4, 2013. 
The CCF Grants Committee will review requests and subsequent recommendations will be presented to the CCF Board for a final decision in February/March 2013